Welcome To Brahmana Seva Sanga Samakya ​

We are trying to bring all our organizations, activities, and related information under one umbrella. 

The Brahmin community is neglected by society for many reasons. Some could sustain and some could not. We must introspect and find out what is missing. The first and foremost problem in our community is there is no consensus among us. A big request to everyone, we must introspect and find out what is missing and try to fill up the gap


To build an organization to serve the Brahmin Community members in Telangana by providing financial, intellectual and physical resources for their all-round development in the fields of Education, Entrepreneurship, Welfare and Cultural life on a sustainable basis with selfless motive.

Our Motto

To serve the people of our community in need,” and
” To provide Employment for economically backward Brahmin Families”.


BRAHMIN” stands for Broad and Brilliant in Thinking, Righteous, and Religious in Livelihood, Adroit, and Adventurous in Personality, Honesty, and Humanity in Quality, Modesty, and Morality in Character, Innovation, and Industry in Performance and Nobility and Novelty in Approach.